Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh happy day!

Today I went to see my physio again. Actually, I've been going every week, since 7 April - the night when I'd sat at the PC too long, sent my foot and leg to sleep then stood up, unaware, and rolled my ankle.

It was just after six in the evening and Jim rang the physio practice and I drove myself straight over there. Luckily, my car is automatic and the injury was to my left foot.

First the strapping, then the x-Ray, then the big black boot held on with velcro straps, then the MRI... Now so many weeks later the news is good. I'm only to wear the boot for two hours a day and will be able to give it up next Friday, all being well. That means that I must do every exercise I've been set and spend 10-15 minutes a day walking - something that I've really missed.

They're a good bunch of people at the physio practice. I've been seeing James, who is physio to the Wallabies, and also Suzie, who works me hard and is delightful!

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