Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I've been Sprung

The existence of this very intermittent blog has been discovered by one of last month's Blogs of Note! He has been posting four times a week for years, so is very profilic - to say nothing of funny. The Badger's blog is Vienna for Dummies. So, perhaps, he will inspire me to write more frequently than has been the case so far.

As we settle into the winter months, we have finally succumbed to the need to install reverse cycle aircon. This will happen on Friday and we have a team of three Chilean blokes coming to make it happen. They've said they'll be here early, 7-ish I think they said. When I mentioned that we wouldn't have had our breakfast, the eldest suggested that I should be making breakfast for five, bacon and eggs would be good.

It should be installed by 1 pm, they said. But we will wait and see. Trouble is, I think that we won't need to keep calling them back to fix things, which is a shame as they are a trio of good guys.

Aircon, however, is only one of the services they offer so they may try to get their feet back in the door and line for breakfast before starting on ventillation and pest control!

All this means that by Friday evening we should be warm, instead huddled over an electric heater, swathed in blankets. Here's hoping, anyway.

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