Thursday, January 10, 2013

Putting the right foot forward or starting out...

After reading a recent post by CompostWoman, I decided to get back into writing, or, perhaps I should say, start writing! So I was thinking about blogging as I set out on my morning walk.

 Firstly, I took a picture of the garden bed that’s sprung up in the Brenan Street verge, at the bottom of the Housing Commission and close to the bridge over White’s Creek. It’s only been there a few weeks, but already the plants are up and thriving. Must be the fresh soil and constant watering.

Next, I noticed the flow of the tide. The water was flowing quite fast up White’s Creek, under the bridge. When I get to the park and cross Johnston’s Creek a few minutes later, the flow is much slower, but not because the tide is slowing.

My walk is, as almost always, from our home in White Street, along the streets to the harbourside park. The goal is the second of two enormous Moreton Bay figs that mark the end of Glebe Point Road. So, my walk each morning (or nearly every day) takes in three suburbs – Lilyfield, Annandale and Glebe.


Compostwoman said...

Glad I provided an impetus :-)

Annie said...

Thanks, Compostwoman! I'm pleased I have a reader:-)